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Treatments - Complementary & Healing Therapies

Complementary Therapies:
Bespoke Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (75 mins) £50 (90 mins) £60 (inc scalp)
A deeply relaxing massage using essential organic oils to relieve muscular tension, aches and pain, improves your lymphatic circulation, aids drainage, eases congestion and acts as a strong antioxidant. The aromas experienced through the oils have a dynamic effect on the mind and body. It helps to improve and balance you both emotionally and physically.
Bespoke Aromatherapy Back and Neck Massage (45 mins) £35
A beautiful relaxing massage with essential oils that concentrates on the back, neck, shoulders and arms.
Aroma Duo - Back Massage and Facial Treatment (90 mins) £60
An aromatic 45 minute relaxing back massage followed by a 45 minute reviving facial - a perfect pick me up.
Indian Head Massage (40 mins) £30
An uplifting and energising massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. It relieves physical and mental fatigue, combats headaches and eyestrain and improves concentration.
Reflexology - Foot or Hand (60 mins) £40
Natural healing working on specific pressure points on your feet or hands to clear blockages boost circulation, restore balance and promotes natural relaxation. A reflex action in another body part is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. Ideal for insomnia and pregnancy. Our 60 min treatment includes a foot mask and lower leg massage.
Colour Reflexology - (60 mins) £40
This combines two therapies to promote stability and general wellbeing. Using colour light vibrations to enhance the benefits of reflexology. It restores and maintains balance within the chakras and the stimulation of pressure points to aid recovery of body parts or organs.
Thai Foot Reflexology - (60 mins) £40
Thai foot massage is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet.  Thai foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil.
Hopi Ear Candling - inc Massage (45 mins) £30
(also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, it is used to offer real and calming benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. Includes a relaxing head or hand massage.
Reiki (60 mins) £40
Reiki is a Japanese technique for spiritual healing and self improvement. It addresses mental and emotional problems, physical ailments and diseases and reduces stress. A deeply relaxing treatment that induces a state of well-being. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.
 Rahanni Celestial Healing (60 mins) £40
 Rahanni is a healing modality of balance similar to Reiki, but using healing energies from the higher dimensions of reality. It helps release all fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love and compassion. Correspond with the heart chakra. 
Chakra Balancing (60 mins) £40
This treatment promotes health by maximising the harmonious flow of energy across your chakra system. When chakras are balanced you feel relaxed, grounded, centered, aware and energised.
Crystal Healing (60 mins) £40
Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind, Healing crystals are placed on or around the body to help unblock, focus and direct energy.
Angelic Healing Therapy (60 mins) £40
Angel Therapy is a beautiful, gentle and powerful spiritual healing system. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to promote balance and wellbeing. It helps to release old patterns and heal emotional wounds of the past. During this healing you can experience your guardian angels and archangels beautiful energy.
Colour Therapy (60 mins) £40

Color therapy uses colours and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems. It is also known as chromopathy, chromotherapy, or color healing. Colour therapy helps correct physiological and psychological imbalances. It relieves stress, soothes, helps regain your psychological balance, it can invigorate you and give you increased energy.

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